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Street in Kotlas

More Pictures from the Summer Visit to Kotlas

Wall ads

Above:  Advertisements for two Kotlas businesses.  The top one is for the graphic arts business of Andrei Ikonnikov, who visited the Waterville area in the summer of 1997.  Ikonnikov produces business cards, brochures, and advertisements.  At right:  A women holds a samovar outside the museum in Ilyinsk-Podoma and costumed ladies serenade the visiting Americans.  All three photos were taken by Phil Gonyar.

Lady holding samovar
Phil Gonyar and Kotlas friends

From L to R:  Phil Gonyar, Inna Tushina, Leonid Yegorov, Zina Yegorova, Nikolai Sheptyakov, and Vycheslav Chernykh at the Kotlas train station just before the student delegation left for St. Petersburg.  Yegorova, Sheptyakov, and Chernykh compose three-fourths of the first Kotlas delegation to come to Waterville, in June 1990.  Photo by Mike Waters.