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More Pictures from the Mayor's Visit

REM Forum Reception

The delegates pose with Tracy Steuber, administrative assistant to Waterville Mayor Paul LePage, in a reception at the REM Forum. From left to right: Andrey Bralnin, Vladimir Piskurev, Tracy Steuber, Andrey Palkin, and Aleksandr Shashurin. Photo by Herb Foster.

Shashurin with Rotary President

Aleksandr Shashurin stands with Tim Beals after addressing the Waterville Rotary Club. Beals was president of the Waterville Rotary at the time. Photo by John Engle.

Shashurin addresses the Rotary Club.

Andrei Strukov (right) translates, as Mayor Shashurin speaks to the Waterville Rotary Club. Photo by John Engle.

Shashurin holding a lobster.

Aleksandr Shashurin holds up a live lobster during a visit to a lobster pound two days earlier. Jack Mayhew looks on from the left rear. Photo by John Engle.

Palkin at the rostrum

Andrey Palkin wields the gavel while visiting the House chamber at the capitol in Augusta. (The House was not in session at the time!) Photo by Herb Foster.

Piskurev and his snowshoes

Vladimir Piskurev shows off a pair of snowshoes. He had been looking for snowshoes all week and was very pleased to find this pair at a local pawn shop. Members of the 2005 delegation to Kotlas later saw the snowshoes proudly hung on the wall of Piskurev's dacha, an hour's drive outside Moscow. Photographer unknown.