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Russian Folk Art on Display

Russian Folk Art Slide Show

Click the picture to view a short slide show of the exhibits at The Center. (Opens in a new window.)

This spring, the Kotlas Connection had two exhibits of Russian arts and crafts in REM's display window at the entrance to The Center. Our first exhibit, "A Russian Tea Table," was up from April 26 to May 24. It featured all the accoutrements of the traditional Russian tea: samovars, painted wood serving pieces, linens, and other items too numerous to list. The second exhibit, "Russian Arts and Crafts," featuring fine art, crafts, costumes, icons and other decorative arts ran from May 25 to June 29. We are pleased to report that we have received numerous compliments on the window.

Simultaneous to the exhibits at The Center, we had a third exhibit in the glass cases in the Winslow Public Library. It comprised a large collection of painted wood, Christmas ornaments, birchbark, and jewelry. Paintings and examples of the amazing craft of straw art are hung on the right wall toward the back.

The Kotlas Connection thanks REM and the Winslow Public Library for making these prime spaces available.

See a slide show of the exhibits at The Center!
(688 KB, Adobe Reader required.)