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Who is Grandfather Frost?

Grandfather Frost, or Ded Moroz, is the Russian cousin to Santa Claus.  While both Grandfather Frost and Santa sport a long, white beard, Grandfather Frost is generally depicted as tall and thin, instead of short and stout.  In place of Santa's short jacket and puffy trousers, Grandfather Frost wears a long, flowing, robe trimmed with white fur.  The robe is often red, but it can be blue or white, as well.

While both Grandfather Frost and Santa travel by sleigh, Grandfather Frost's sleigh is pulled by three horses, rather than eight flying reindeer, and he knocks on doors instead of sliding down chimneys.  He carries a scepter and is accompanied by Snegurochka, the Snow Maiden, a fairy.  Finally, Grandfather Frost delivers his presents on New Year's Eve instead of Christmas.

Unlike Santa, Grandfather Frost did not have a fixed residence until the late 1990's, when Yuri Luzhkov, Moscow's flamboyant, populist mayor, proclaimed Velikiy Ustyug Grandfather Frost's hometown.  A past presidential candidate and ardent nationalist, Luzhkov tapped into Russian discontent with the Westernization and commercial­ization of their winter holidays, especially the growing displacement of Grandfather Frost by the occidental Saint Nick.  Thus, in 1998, construction of the theme park and residence began on the site of a children's summer camp in Velikiy Ustyug.  It will eventually include a resort hotel, a small zoo, possibly rides, and in winter, a giant snow mountain for sliding.

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