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Kotlas Guest Arina Pavlova, January 8 - January 28, 2012

Arina Pavlova, an English teacher and member of the Waterville Committee in Kotlas, was happy to accompany student Anton Eltsov on his first visit to America. This was Arina’s second trip to Waterville and Martha Patterson was thrilled to be her hostess again. The two delighted in lengthy heart-to-heart conversations each morning as they sipped tea and shared fresh berries and flavored yogurts.


Arina enjoyed a portion of her trip accompanying Anton, Mark Fisher, and Mark’s other guest, Ukrainian Alexandr Shatskov. Together they hiked Frenchy’s Mountain, watched fireworks on East Pond, visited the State House, spoke with Governor LePage, and toured Boston and New York. The highlight of her trip to New York was spending some precious moments with family members who flew from Toronto to be with her.

Arina was excited to spend time with members of the Kotlas Committee. Her weekend with Carl Daiker and Phil Gonyar included a church service followed by a breakfast buffet and a trip to the coast. Arina was touched by their kindness and helpfulness. Mary and Earl Coombs introduced Arina to an American nursing home at the Bangor facility where Earl’s mother resides. Arina’s impression was favorable, however, she felt that most Russian families would not be able to afford the same quality care for their loved ones. The fondue dinner with the Coombses was a delightful first. She spent a morning at the Waterville grammar school where Marilyn Hall substitute teaches, followed by lunch. Arina was impressed with the relaxed atmosphere in the schoolroom as the children had “circle time” seated on a rug. Pauline and Jack Mayhew also invited Arina into their home for lunch. Arina felt very comfortable and found their home cozy.


While in America, Arina’s wish was to regain her strength through fitness and relaxation. Martha arranged time to include exercising, spa manicures and pedicures, facials, swimming in a heated pool, relaxing in a hot tub, and Arina’s favorite--massages. Her reaction in her words, “I feel like I am in paradise!”


While shopping, a generous lady recognized Arina from the article and photo printed in The Morning Sentinel on January 22, and gave her a gift card. Arina’s astonishment was clearly seen in her face and it was comparable to a child at Christmas. She shed a few tears of joy and wonder as she purchased her new jeans and sneakers with this unexpected gift from a stranger.


Arina’s best times in Waterville were spent engaged in conversations with people. She looked forward to the welcome and farewell parties, medical advice from her visit with Ken Green, and her time spent talking with Sheila McCarthy, Herb Foster, John Engle, Ellen Corey, and other members of the Kotlas Committee.


Despite differences in culture, Arina is hopeful that her visit will foster a better understanding of our commitments to each other so that our committees may realize their goal of good will and peace among nations.