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Kotlas Connection Webmaster Honored at Community Awards Ceremony

Carl Daiker, Gregor Smith, and Ellen Corey

Carl Daiker, Gregor Smith, and Ellen Corey stand on the stage at the Waterville Opera House. Daiker is holding a velour bag contained the award crystal that he is about to present. Photo by Phil Gonyar.

By Carl Daiker

The Kotlas Connection honored Gregor Smith as its volunteer of the year at this fall's annual REM awards. The presentation will was held on Saturday, November 3, at the Waterville Opera House.

Gregor has been involved with the Connection since 1991. That year marked his first visit to Kotlas. He has since been there two more times, the last in 2005. He was the driving force behind the Kotlas Connection's quarterly newsletter for seven years during the 1990's. He has also served as publicity coordinator and as secretary. He was a co-organizer of the two humanitarian aid shipments to Kotlas.

In 1997, Gregor launched the Kotlas Connection web site. The web site has grown considerably over the years, and is still ably tended by him. In addition to the Connection's web site, he maintains web sites for REM, which also honored him this year for his efforts on that organization's behalf, and for Summertime in the Belgrades, a weekly newspaper published between Memorial Day and Labor Day. He also enjoys choral singing, foreign language study, and acting in community theater.