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Christmas Ornament Sales

Three Russian maidens

Three cloth ornaments of Russian maidens in traditional festive dresses and headpieces.

Each fall since 1994 (and occasionally at other times of year as well), the Kotlas Connection has sold handmade Christmas ornaments from Russia. These sales have become the major fundraiser for the organization.

The selection has varied over the years, from translucent blown-glass pine cones to woven birch bark pyramids, from fabric maidens in traditional Russian dresses, to wooden matrioshka dolls, bells, onion domes, and musicians, all hand-painted and hand-carved, no two exactly alike.

In recent years, we have set up trees with ornaments for sale in the lobbies of the two Kennebec Federal Savings (KFS) branches in Waterville on the day after Thanksgiving and kept them up until Christmas. We also sold ornaments at Christmas craft fairs at Waterville Senior High School and Temple Academy on West River Road in Waterville. These fairs are traditionally held on the first or second Saturday in December.